Tuesday, 14 July 2015

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Book #2 How to Catch a Jewel Thief is here and ready to go! Who's excited to see April back? I know I am! I have some great promos coming your way so stick around. Here's a recap ~ 

The Maxwell Mysteries follows DI April Maxwell who works for Shoreditch CID unit in East London. She makes it her mission to solve crime whilst having the slight distraction of chocolate, wine and sexy men.

★•**•★ April's Busman Holiday book #1 ★•**•★


DI April Maxwell is like a dog with a bone especially when there’s a case to solve or a criminal to catch. She lives for her job and she’s bloody good at it so when she is forced to take leave she can’t think of anything worse. After the first day, she’s bored and it seems her one and only solution is to, well, actually take a holiday. 

April packs a bag and heads to the New Forest to visit her family but when a boy band member turns up murdered, it isn’t long before she’s on the case. April makes it her mission to find out who killed Kai Williams whilst dealing with her over opinionated mother, a grieving teenage niece and gorgeous ex-boyfriend living next door. 

As she closes in on the killer, the killer closes in on her and the rivalry between April and her perfect little brother heats up. It becomes survival of the fittest but there’s just one problem – April has never been very fit but she hasn’t let a thing beat her yet. 


To celebrate the up and coming release of book #2, book #1 April's Busman Holiday will be FREE for the first time ever, to download between Monday 27th and Friday 31st July. Available from Amazon for Kindle and Kindle App. Alternatively, you can purchase book #1 in paperback from Amazon for £5.95.

★•**•★ How to Catch A Jewel Thief (Maxwell Mysteries #2) ★•**•★


As the sun sets across London, DI April Maxwell arrives back from three week's leave but she's barely through her front door when she receives a phone to say a top notch jewellers has been robbed in piccadilly.

Abounding her unpacking because there's always tomorrow, April jumps back in her car and races across London to where she is needed. Before she knows it, she finds herself knee deep in another case and the closest she thinks she gets to solving it, the further away she becomes.

With a forever thickening plot and too many suspects to get her head around, April finds herself distracted by a sexy fireman, a stalking cat and who the hell keeps parking in her space outside her flat? There's only so much April can take but not before she catches a jewel thief. 

★•**•★ Special Promo Offer •**•★

How to Catch a Jewel Thief (Maxwell Mysteries #2) is now available to pre-order. Order your kindle copy now from Amazon & get it half-price. 

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¸.•*´¨) (¸.•´ ★Giveaway

To celebrate the release of book #2 I am holding a massive giveaway! Here's what you could you win ~ 

1st Prize is not one but two signed paperbacks of The Maxwell Mysteries book #1 & #2

Two runners up will receive a Kindle copy of How to Catch a Jewel Thief

Details on how to get your hands on these are coming soon!

Here are 15 random facts about The Maxwell Mysteries that very well could help you!

1. I had never written a murder mystery before. April's Busman Holiday was my first and I loved it.

2. The main character, April is a 35 year old divorcee.

3. April is originally from Hampshire but now lives in East London where I am from.

4. My husband and I visited April’s home town of Fordingbridge in 2012 for our wedding anniversary.

5. April has an elder sister and a younger brother. She has been known to suffer from middle child syndrome.

6. April drives my dream car ~ an Audi.

7. I must say a lot of April’s personality is based on my own. It’s really hard to not include your own traits, thoughts and feelings into a character. It just comes naturally.

8. April is a workaholic and doesn’t have time for much else. She lives and breathes for her job.

9. April enjoys black coffee with no sugar.

10. April isn’t an animal person and she swears the cat next door is stalking her.

11. This is a series but I haven’t decided how many books will make up the series. I guess it’ll be when I run out of ideas, which to be fair, could be a long time. I am always bursting with ideas.

12. Not every book will be based on a murder. It’ll also include thieves, con men, and kidnappers.

13. This series isn’t a love story but it does include love interests. Whilst my previous work has had one hero, I’m going to enjoy creating a few different ones for April to sink her teeth into.

14. Book 1, April’s Busman Holiday only took a month to complete. Once I started it, it just came together without any effort. It practically wrote itself. 

15. My mum designed the book covers.   

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