Friday, 26 June 2015

★.¸¸,.•°´★Big Announcements★.¸¸,.•°´★

Apologies for the long over-due blog post but I think you might find my quietness has been very beneficial for you and me both. Providing you enjoy reading my books of course. This week I hit a mile stone with my writing and I come with important announcements I'm sure you'd be pleased to hear so shall we get on?

★•**•★ How to Catch A Jewel Thief (Maxwell Mysteries #2) ★•**•★

For those of you who enjoyed my first murder mystery, you might be pleased to hear that book #2 is finally coming. Join April as she embarks on a new adventure and cracks another case. Coming August 1st 2015. Pre-order links coming soon. Book #3 Death at the chocolate factory is already in motion. 


As the sun sets across London, DI April Maxwell arrives back from three week's leave but she's barely through her front door when she receives a phone to say a top notch jewellers has been robbed in piccadilly.

Abounding her unpacking because there's always tomorrow, April jumps back in her car and races across London to where she is needed. Before she knows it, she finds herself knee deep in another case and the closest she thinks she gets to solving it, the further away she becomes.

With a forever thickening plot and too many suspects to get her head around, April finds herself distracted by a sexy fireman, a stalking cat and who the hell keeps parking in her space outside her flat? There's only so much April can take but not before she catches a jewel thief. 

★•**•★ Free Promo Offer ★•**•★

To celebrate the up and coming release of book #2, book #1 April's Busman Holiday will be FREE for the first time ever, to download between Monday 27th and Friday 31st July. Alternatively, you can purchase book #1 in paperback from Amazon for £5.95.

DI April Maxwell is like a dog with a bone especially when there’s a case to solve or a criminal to catch. She lives for her job and she’s bloody good at it so when she is forced to take leave she can’t think of anything worse. After the first day, she’s bored and it seems her one and only solution is to, well, actually take a holiday. 

April packs a bag and heads to the New Forest to visit her family but when a boy band member turns up murdered, it isn’t long before she’s on the case. April makes it her mission to find out who killed Kai Williams whilst dealing with her over opinionated mother, a grieving teenage niece and gorgeous ex-boyfriend living next door. 

As she closes in on the killer, the killer closes in on her and the rivalry between April and her perfect little brother heats up. It becomes survival of the fittest but there’s just one problem – April has never been very fit but she hasn’t let a thing beat her yet. 

★•**•★ Birthday Cake & Sandy Beaches ★•**•★

Calling all Cocktails & Tattoos fans. It's finally complete. Two years in the making but book #5 in the Cocktails & Tattoos series is here. Well almost. This new novel is so crammed packed, it will leave you totally exhausted from Harley's antics. I'm sure you'll find it's been worth the wait. 

Coming summer 2016.


Harley and Spike are back for a fifth book in the Cocktails & Tattoos series. 

Spike is turning forty and what better way to celebrate then taking all the family off to Bora Bora for a fortnight. It sounds like the perfect plan but of course, whilst the location is every bit perfect, it's going to be anything but, as trust is broken, tempers fly, secrets are revealed and family bonds destroyed. They are sure to be in for one hell of a fortnight and will there be any going back for Harley or has she burnt her bridges forever. 

The Cocktails & Tattoos books #1 to #4 can be downloaded from Amazon and books #1 and #2 are also available in paperback. This is a complete series and all books should be read in the following order ~

Cocktails & Tattoos #1 UK / US 
The Blog of Travelling & Mishaps #2 UK / US 
Ex's & Shotgun Weddings #3 UK / US
Swollen Bellies & Tiny Feet #4 UK / US
Birthday Cake & Sandy Beaches #5 ~ coming summer 2016

Book #1 and #2 just 99p 
Book #3 and #4 £1.99
Or read sample for free
Free on Kindle Unlimited

★•**•★ What's next? ★•**•★

Well as always I have so many things in the pipeline. There's book #3 in the Maxwell Mysteries to be getting on with as well as book #2 in Hattie's Adventures. I also fancy writing a stand alone romcom with some ideas in mind and I still need to make up my mind whether Birthday Cake & Sandy Beaches will be the last of Harley and Spike. I'm not sure whether I'm ready to put them to bed yet because I love hanging out with Harls. 

Either way, there's still heaps to come from me and remember, when I'm quiet it means I'm busy writing! Also, more free summer reads coming your way so keep your eyes peeled. 

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