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**The Running Game (Reachers) Review**

Three words to sum up The Running Game (Reachers) by L E Fitzpatrick ~

Fast-paced, thrilling & imaginative

The Running Game (Reachers)

This book, the first in the Reachers is set in London but not as we know it. It's somewhere in the future although it doesn't say how far but it's plausible and I can completely visualise it in my mind's eye. It reminds me of the 1984 Robocop set in 2028 where it's almost derelict, crime is high, even the cops are crooked and everyone's out for themselves. 

Then there's the Reachers. People with mind powers that are quickly becoming rare. The priest is convinced they are God's angels sent to protect. 

Rachel Aaron is a Reacher. At a young age, her father taught her the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes and always be ready to run because they will always be coming for you. For seven years she tried her best to blend in. Working as a doctor in London, now known as Safe Haven (S'aven) and dating a cop but her time is up. They are coming for her and she needs to run.

The infamous Smith brothers, Charlie and John are also Reachers. They are criminals and have a reputation of getting the job done. They have been hired to track down Rachel and take her to Pinky Morris, a not so nice gangster. It seems like a straight forward job. The Smith brothers certainly need the money. Charlie is in a bad way following the tragic death of his wife and John is fighting his own demons but they need to find Charlie's daughter. This job will provide them with some money that will help them do that. 

Then they find out Rachel is a Reacher, which changes everything. They can't give up another Reacher. There's a strict code to protect your own and the brothers abide by it. Instinct kicks in and they make it their mission to protect her and get her out of S'aven to safety but not before getting what they are owed. A so-called old friend, Roxy, with a hidden agenda of his own, offers to help. John doesn't trust him as far as he can throw him. Rachel feels the same but Charlie doesn't listen and let's Roxy in. 

So, Charlie draws up the plan, John takes care of the muscle men, Rachel uses her mind powers to get them in and Roxy cracks the safe. Roxy tells Charlie he doesn't want any money. Use his share to find his daughter. The plan goes well until someone walks into the office. John steps up to take care of it and tells Roxy to take Rachel out to Charlie waiting in the car except Roxy doesn't. He has his own revenge planned and if it means handing Rachel over to Pinky Morris so be it. 

Pinky Morris wants to know who killed his brother Frank. If he just had a Reacher then he'd be able to find out. He needed Rachel. Pinky's wife Riva gets Rachel because she will make everything right again and takes her to their house. All is revealed but it doesn't matter. Frank is still dead and soon Rachel will be too. The Smith brothers must step up and save Rachel.

My review 

I'm not a paranormal reader although I don't know why because I enjoy paranormal films but L E Fitzpatrick hosted an event for me and when I read the blurb to this book, I thought, it sounds really good, I'm going to give it a try so I took the plunge and popped my paranormal cherry. I am so glad I did.

This is a whodunit with a BIG difference. The imagination to create this whole new world where Reachers exist is quite amazing. L E Fitzpatrick had me believing this was real. The characters leaped out at me and had me hooked from the first page. I read this in 24 hours because I just couldn't put it down in case I missed something.

I really liked Rachel. She's a strong woman who can take care of herself but she's sick of running. From one kiss she can learn everything there is to know about a person and she can control things with her mind. She's funny and clever and had managed to stay off the radar for seven years. I know I wouldn't mind her powers. I felt sorry for her boyfriend cop Mark. He was one of the good guys but it seemed everyone took him for a ride especially his horrid partner Gary.

Charlie. What wasn't there to like about Charlie? He's loyal, he loves his brother and he has been through the mill but he's a good person who just wants to make things right. His Reacher powers are quite similar to Rachel's although he can't read minds. As for John, I think I'm in love. A man made of steel who can take down an army of men without breaking a sweat. He carries a lot of guilt who trusts no one and doesn't smile often but as Rachel offers up her charm, she slowly scratches the surface of the real man he is. I'm not sure what kind of Reacher he is. It never said. Apart from being strong and powerful and quick and light on his feet, he doesn't seem to hold any mind powers. When Rachel touched him she didn't get the same Reacher connection she got from Charlie.      

It was kind of hard not to like Roxy. He had charm, a good sense of humor and I think he generally meant well but he had his own problems to deal with and he had to do what he had to do. He was far from loyal and couldn't be trusted. Pinky Morris, what a vulgar man and I am glad he got what he deserved. I didn't mind his wife Riva. She only ever looked out for husband but got no thanks in return. Gary just made my skin crawl and Donnie was just plain mad.

This book was fast-paced and action packed. I did not want it to end. I would love to see this in film. That would be excellent. Now, all I want to know is... when can I read the next one?! The end of the book, it gives you a slight insight into what happened to Mark. I want to know what comes next for the Reachers, Rachel, Charlie and John. What kind of Reacher is John and do they find Lilly?

I highly recommend The Running Game (Reachers) and I award it 5 shiny gold stars. Well done L E Fitzpatrick. I totally love your ability to bring this paranormal story to life. 

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Only one day to go...

Almost showtime!!

I am so excited. I don't know where to begin. Well I am excited and nervous all rolled into one. It doesn't matter how many books you publish, the feeling never goes away! I have gone over the book so many times I have lost count but I know if I went over it now, I would still find mistakes. The joys of being a poor indie author. It could be me being picky but I don't want bad reviews for spelling mistakes or grammar errors. I want people to enjoy reading my new book as much as I loved writing it. I had so much fun and I'm already a quarter of the way through the second book, the title I will reveal during tomorrow's event with a third and fourth book in mind. Providing you like the first of course because it would be pointless me carrying on with it, if no one enjoys reading it but I'm sure you will. I hope you will. 

April is fun, funny and so down to earth. It's hard not to love her, just for her sense of humor and way of thinking. I don't think I could ever get bored of her and it's been brilliant writing mysteries. This is my first and I think I've done a good job. It certainly gets my brain rattling and I find myself googling all kinds of strange things. God knows what people would think if they checked my browsing history. 

Unfortunately, I cancelled the blog tour for my own personal reasons. I just felt it wasn't the right time for me. I might hold one later in the summer or when I bring out book 2. There's still the event to look forward to and what fun that's going to be!

I have some cracking prizes up for grabs ~ 

I will also include Kindle copies of my first published book ~ Cocktails & Tattoos and my stand alone book Handbags at Dawn. You could win a signed postcard of April's Busman Holiday book cover too. 

Of course the main prize will be a Kindle copy of the book itself ~ April's Busman Holiday and not forgetting, the ongoing poll on the event... who invited you? Vote now. Invite your friends and ask them to vote for you. You could win a £5 Amazon gift card.

PLUS.... yes there is more. I have a fantastic guest host line up who will be donating eBooks of their own for you to win. I can't thank these fab authors enough for agreeing to take part and being so generous. The time schedule and line up is ~

2pm ~ I will kick off the event 
6pm ~ I will pop back in 
9pm ~ Then you will have me until the end  

You can join the event here ~

We will play games, hold contests and have so much fun. You will be able to ask me anything, we can have a chat, discuss life, eat some chocolate seeing as it's Easter and indulge in a few beverages. I will leave you with some teasers and hopefully I will see you at the event tomorrow. 

Have a great Easter everyone!


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**Blog Tour - The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I) by Alina Popescu**

Welcome to the blog tour ~ The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I) by the fantastic Alina Popescu

It is my total honor to host a blog stop for Alina. I met Alina through Facebook and I can't stress enough what a wonderful supportive and positive person she really is. I am so excited for her and I cannot wait to read this book. The Edge of Hope is her debut novel, the first book in the Bad Blood Trilogy. It's a story of vampires, love, struggles, and a constant fight for survival.

Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I)

When tall, dark, and gorgeous shows up on your self-prescribed emotional recovery vacation, some would call it fate smiling down on you. If he also happens to be interested in your work and ready to make all the room you need in his life, it starts to sound too good to be true. Alexa skips the doubts and jumps right in, only to be thrown into the mysterious world of vampires.

The secrets of their origin and their very existence are far more important than her life to some of her new acquaintances. They are ancient, they are powerful, they have unlimited resources, and they are keen on controlling what the world knows of their kind. As Alexa discovers their complicated, blood feud bound world, she tries to better understand herself, heal old wounds and give love chance after chance. Will she survive the journey?

You can watch the book trailer here ~ The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood1) Book Trailer


*****Stars ~ Fast paced, well written. Can't wait for Book II

I was one of the lucky people to have received an ARC, hence my early review. After reading the ARC, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book as well, as it is definitely worth it.

The book follows Alexa, a Romanian girl cheated by her ex with her best friend (or, as you can imagine, her now ex-best friend), who has taken a well-deserved holiday away from everything and to focus on her novel about vampires. It's here that she meets tall, dark-haired, gorgeous Anthony, who seems interested in more than just her work. Despite all the alarm bells going off in her head, she decides to ignore them. Thus, she finds herself dragged in the world of vampires, powerful creatures who will stop at nothing in order to prevent their secret being revealed.

What I loved most about this book? Apart from being really fast-paced (which means there's never a dull moment), the dialogues are quite savoury, it really made me chuckle and even laugh out loud at moments. The story has everything: romance, suspense, mystery, blood. Oh, and a cliff-hanger at the end, but it will only make you read book II more.

*****Stars ~ Loved it, loved it, loved it

I don't know where to start this book was absolutely brilliant it definitely deserves 5 stars i am giving it. It got me gripped from the 1st chapter it pulled me in i loved it loved it did i said i loved it ? i loved Alexa she is so down to earth you can relate to her way of thinking and strong minded and Louis is .......... Well i don't know where to start tall sexy handsome intense ? & you have to have a bad guy to mix it up But this book is so much more the authors personality shines though in every step on the book great book I would highly recommend it to any one and i will cant wait for more just hope we don't have to wait long for book 2

If you would like to download a copy of The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood I) you can do so on the following links ~

About the author

Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, which explains her deep love for vampires and is also to blame for this trilogy.

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**CRYO: A Changed World Cover Reveal**

If you awoke to find that humankind had been annihilated, could you survive?

John's dreams have crumbled. A global corporation, CRYO, kidnapped him, froze him and sent him to the future, only to fade into history as he slept. Now, John and his pod mates are in a new and strange world that's far from anything they've ever known.

With a strange creature having cut their already dwindled numbers, the fight for survival has begun. There's already discontent amongst the small group of survivors. And, as John heads out into the unknown with a small splinter group, there's just one question; what will he find?

Till then, make sure you read book one in the series ~ 

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